What we do


The main activities of ARDORA AZUL are:

  • The Sale  of Alfa Laval machinery related to the shipbuilding industry, supply industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, …
  • Repair  of machinery Alfa Laval related to shipbuilding industry, supply industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, … (Including technical assistance)
  • The Sale of spare parts.


The main products we sell are:

Equipment and spare Alfa Laval parts such as:

    • Centrigugal Separators, both manually and automatically powered, with electric heater, automated or not automated modular systems, with defused prevention alarm, for fuel and lubricating oils, cell harvesting, broth clarifacations, separation of cell. See more
    • Plate Heat Exchangers for water of engines, oil of engines, thermic oils, paintings, anodizing, pasteurizers,etc. See more
    • Clean In Place Units (CIP), for all types of heat exchangers and separators. See more
    • Fuel/Gasoil Conditioning ModulesSee more
    • Fresh Water GeneratorsSee more
    • Self cleaning Filters/Strainers for fresh water, salt water, etc. See more
    • Dry Coolers.  See more
    • Rotary Tank cleaning Equipment, rotary jets and spray heads for tanks, vessels, sanitary and pharmaceutical industries. See more
    • Pumps: lobe pumps, centrifugal pumps, liquid ring pumps, for the phaumacertical industry. See more
    • Valves: Seat Valves, butterfly valves, mixproof valves, aseptic diaphram valves, regulating valves, for the sanitary industry. See more  


Market sectors

At Ardora Azul’s work is aimed at the shipbuilding, supply industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industriy, etc.:

    • Shipyards
    • Fishing vessels: coastal fishing, deep-sea fishing, freezers vessels, factory ships and tuna vessels
    • Warships, merchant ships and controlled temperature transport, supply and oceanographic transports
    • Automotive industry
    • Machining sector
    • Anodized industry
    • Engineering
    • Canning
    • Pharmaceutical Industries
    • Sanitary and food industry


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